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What if it rains?

This is the most popular question! I do my best to get your photoshoot done while you are in the area. Sometimes that might mean rescheduling to a different day or time because the weather is very unpredictable in Florida! Overcast days are great for photography! I have even done a couple of shoots in the rain! (Grandma wanted it & I have tough gear!) I will not shoot if there is lightening. But if weather absolutely prevents the photoshoot from happening, your deposit will be refunded. It's in my contract!

How do you accept payments?

I accept cash & checks & most forms of electronic payments, with credit cards being the least favorite. (Please ask for my Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, Zelle BEFORE sending deposits!)

Credit card processors charge a fee on my end & have recently begun including that fee when I have to issue the occasional refund. So it costs me money if I issue a refund due to weather & never do your photoshoot. Because of this I will issue refunds minus the processing fee beginning April 2023.

What about wind & hair?

Wind is just part of the beach! There is almost always a tropical breeze and some days can get very windy! I strongly recommend long hair be pulled back in a manner so that it won't be blowing in your face. I charge extra for editing requests.

What time do you start the photoshoot?

I like to start 45 minutes - 1 hour prior to sunset for the best light. This changes throughout the year. You can do a quick Google search for "sunset times in Port St Joe" or click HERE. Sunrise sessions begin at the time of sunrise.

But that is my baby's bed time.

I recommend trying to get small children to take a nap earlier in the day. I know little ones like routine, but you really want the best light for your portraits & it's only one evening! I am happy to schedule your photoshoot at another time, but the sun will be bright & that makes everyone squint! Not flattering for photos!

How do you handle small children?

It is a good idea to try to get small children to take a nap a few hours before the session so they are not cranky! It is also really helpful for parents to explain to children ahead of time that they need to listen to the photographer & follow directions. Offer a prize or treat at the end if they cooperate. It is definitely best to let me do the directing. I need the adults to keep looking at the camera while I get little ones' attention. I will not force a situation. If they are not happy it comes through in the photos. I will give them a break or move on to another pose or shot. Sometimes, family photos just have to be laid back & casual.

What is your style?

I am more of a traditional photographer. I love to capture connection in all of my work. I pose & give direction on what to do. But I also try to capture candid shots of your family during your session.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes. But it is minimal on these sessions. I stick to a realistic look & do not get creative with color or use presets or filters. The final images generally will look pretty true to how it was when we were there at the shoot. That being said, understand that it is impossible to expose for the sky & people’s skin without using flash or strobe lighting. (You will not get images of a dramatic sunset sky & have people properly exposed) I do not bring mechanical lights to outdoor sessions. Additionally, natural light varies every day & at different locations. I can not control that but I do my best to work with it. Please review my website portfolio & my social media to see my style before booking with me. I can not change my editing style for every client. I charge extra for editing requests.

I do not give out RAW files. Please do not ask.

Smart Phones

I don't mind if you take pics with your smart phones during the session. In fact, I would love if you sent me some of the "behind the scenes" shots! However, when you have your phones out taking pics, family members, especially kids, will look at you instead of me. You are paying me a lot of money to take professional images. Please keep it to a minimum if you don't want images of your family looking away from my camera when they should be looking at it.

Where do you do the sessions?

I generally come to the client's vacation home, unless you want to do the session at another location. I work primarily in Port St Joe, St Joe Beach, Mexico Beach, Indian Pass, Cape San Blas, Windmark Beach & Apalachicola. Outside of those areas I charge a travel fee. Generally $50 per half hour of travel. For example: St. George Island is a $50 travel fee.

Do I have to buy prints with you or can I print them where I want?

No, you do not have to print with me, but I really appreciate if you do! Just please don't print at Walmart or the drug store!! My print store offers a wide selection of print sizes, canvases, metal prints & cards. Fine art papers & inks are used that create a high quality product that is designed to last many years. If there is something you want that you don't see, let me know. I will work with you & I can create custom packages to save you money. I also can work with you on designing albums, custom framing & other wall art such as canvases.